A 3-Part Webinar Series Scheduled Over 3 Consecutive Tuesdays
August 8th, 15th & 22nd
9:30am – 11:00am

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Program Description

The world today is moving faster than ever. Sometimes it feels like the earth’s rotation is twice what it was only a few years ago.  At work we have projects, deadlines and meetings with what feels like impossible expectations. And then we have personal appointments, health, sports, school and homework and errands. We feel pressured, overwhelmed, tired, underproductive and stressed. This program is an introduction to a new way of thinking, feeling and behaving that is taking hold across the world in both professional and personal environments. These concepts are being introduced in business and government from Morgan Stanley’s Mindful Mondays to Google’s “Search Inside Yourself” employee training program to the concept of “A Mindful Nation” being adapted in the UK Parliament, as well as in the US by Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), author of A Mindful Nation. This high-level program overview will address better focus, productivity, emotional and behavioral intelligence as well as the concept of professional and personal growth through neuroplasticity.

Completion of this 3-part series is eligible for:

IIMC:  1 CMC Experience or 1 MMC Advanced Education point upon completion of the required learning assessment.
Florida Bar:  5.5 (General) CLE Credits (Course # 1704697N)
CGCIO:  One (1) professional development unit for each hour of attendance (up to 6 maximum)
FACE:  6 Continuing Education Hours (with certificate and FACE affidavit.)

Extended Learning

In addition to three live 90-minute webinars held in consecutive weeks, the program will include access to an online classroom in which participants can find and share resources and take part in activities designed to maximize the transfer of skills and concepts to on-the-job practice. Access will be granted prior to the first webinar and will extend 4 weeks following the final webinar.

About The Trainer

Trina Pulliam, President and Chief Trainnovator of Trainnovations, Inc.,  has over 25 years of experience successfully developing, designing and delivering comprehensive programs for organizational brilliance in the public and private arena. She is an innovative developer of programs that have a high impact on leadership, strategy, workers’ knowledge, skills, and behaviors to maximize both organizational and workforce performance.  Her focus is to build capability, capacity and sustainability for organizations of all types and sizes. Trina’s experience in a variety of businesses, industries, and government agencies has served her needs as an educator and allowed her to impact both organizations and people.  Trina is a Team Lead and Examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence National Award Program.

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