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The Institute works with staff and elected and appointed officials from local governments, state agencies, special districts, non-profit organizations to research current and emerging public concerns. These research projects utilize the expertise of faculty members in a variety of disciplines as well as practitioners in meeting specific research needs. Research topics include Public Policy in State and Local Government, State and Local Government Issues, Trends in State and Local Government, Growth Management in State and Local Government, and Local Government Finance and Revenue.

Current Research
  • An Analysis of Public Subsidies and Externalities Affecting Water Use In South Florida ~ Craig Diamond, Principal Investigator
    "This report is an update to a study published in 1990 and reflects the changes in the conditions of South Florida affecting water use, the regional economy, the equitable use of tax dollars, and opportunities for the restoration of the Everglades."
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The Institute publishes its original research while serving as a central clearinghouse and information referral source.

New Voices in the Old South: How Women and Minorities Influence Southern PoliticsNew Voices in the Old South: How Women and Minorities Influence Southern Politics

Book: $92.95 | Download: $25.00

This is a compilation of the latest statistical analysis concerning demographic, social, political, education, and employment trends in the southern United States, with particular emphases on the changing roles of women and racial/ethnic groups.



Politics in FloridaPolitics in Florida (3rd Edition)

Book: $122.50 | Download: $35.99

This latest edition by Florida's best-known political scientists—Susan A. MacManus, Aubrey Jewett, Thomas R. Dye, and David Bonanza—highlights Florida's fast rise in the national political spotlight and its emergence as one of the nation's bellwether states in all things political. This newest edition contains the most recent data, including 2010 Census data, and current original research along with full-color photos, charts and maps. It provides an informative, nonpartisan overview of government, politics and public affairs in the Sunshine State, making it not only an ideal textbook, but also a valuable resource for elected officials, journalists, campaign managers and anyone with an interest in politics.



Florida's PoliticsFlorida's Politics

Book: $80.70 | Download: $20.24

This path breaking publication is a valuable reference for journalists, teachers, lobbyists, political consultants, campaign managers and anyone working in or interested in politics. Ready for release in time for the high profile 2004 elections, this book offers a unique region-by-region analysis of political trends in Florida’s ten media markets, including statistics on demographics, ethnicity, party and voting patterns for each county in the state. The book is full of tables, graphs and maps.




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