Certified Government Chief Information Officer

The goal of the Certified Government Chief Information Officer and Certified Public Technology Manager programs is to provide public sector and non-profit technology professionals with educational networking and collaboration experiences that will enhance their ability to serve as leaders in their communities and in the state.

The Certified Public Technology Manager (CPTM) program gives participants the tools needed to manage people and projects, building upon existing technical expertise. This program is designed for those who wish to enhance the leadership skills needed for current or future responsibilities, or it can be used as a first step toward the CGCIO certification. The program is designed to meet the needs of managers in all local government jurisdictions. The Certified Government Chief Information Officer (CGCIO) program is designed to give participants the skills and knowledge to address organization, governance, management and strategic planning issues from the executive leadership perspective.

For more information on these programs, application criteria and pricing, please visit the website http://www.cgcioflorida.org