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Critical Issues in the Workplace - Online Learning Series


This 3-part series launches a new Florida Institute of Government initiative to discuss current workplace concerns and ways to improve employee productivity and promote a safe and balanced work environment. Top experts review state and federal laws, provide real-world examples and case studies, offer findings from current research, and share personal experiences to make these sessions practical, informative, and relevant to everyone working in government.


The “Critical Issues in the Workplace” webinar series will be available individually for $60, or as a series for $150.  

To register for the full series, please click the Gold "Full Series Registration ($150)" button.  

If you would like to register for a single course à la carte, the Red "Single Course Registration ($60)" buttons are located within each of the pages below.

Credits Available:

Complete 3-Part (4.5 Hour) Critical Issues in the Workplace Series Credit:

  • IIMC (with required assessment):
    • 0.75 CMC Experience
    • 0.75 MMC Advanced Education Points
  •  5.5 Florida BAR Association Credit

Individual Course Credit:

  • A certificate with 1.5 hours of credit will be provided upon completion of the course.
  • IIMC:
    • All 1.5 hour courses are available for 0.25 CMC/MMC credits; a minimum of 0.50 (two 1.5 hour classes) with required assessments are required to receive IIMC credit.
    • Contact Amy Brewer for more information



Today, more than ever, focus on workplace civility is critical. A 2016 survey reveals that 95% of respondents indicate that civility is a problem, 74% report it’s worse than a few years ago and 70% indicate it’s reached crisis proportions. This may be a larger factor in workplace productivity than business leaders are willing to admit! The impact of incivility causes a reduction in productivity and an increase in absenteeism, sick time and turnover. When asked, leaders and staff members at all levels in an organization cannot identify the definition past being polite. This webinar is an overview of today’s work environment and will help leaders and staff at all levels in the organization bring back basic tenets such as respect, support and trust with actionable steps toward making civility in the workplace a priority.

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There has been an ever-increasing amount of national attention focusing on the issue of bullying, harassment, and incivility in the workplace. While bullying may not always be detected easily, it leads to employee dissatisfaction, reduced productivity and frequent absences. Organizations must learn how to quickly deal with issues associated with bullying so that escalation into employee illnesses, depression, and possibly violence, is less likely to happen. Strategies and skills are essential to produce a “prevention” atmosphere in the workplace rather than an “intervention” atmosphere. Anne Schroeder is certified in bullying prevention through Clemson University.

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Sexual harassment claims and other workplace complaints are on the rise in Florida and across the country. Labor and employment attorney Keith L. Hammond will provide an overview of the legal duties and responsibilities of all members of the workforce, from human resources personnel, managers and supervisors, to staff members who feel victimized by, or who observe, harassing conduct. Mr. Hammond will also discuss real-world scenarios and “best practices” to avoid workplace conflicts and legal claims.

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