Public Records Management

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Public Records Management
6.00 Hour(s)
Registration Fee
Credits Available
  • FRMA: 4 hours of basic certification credit (plus 2 hours for electronic records credit)
  • Florida Bar CLER's: 7 hours (General credit)
  • IIMC: 3.0 CMC Education or 3.0 MMC Professional Contribution Points
  • CGCIO: 6 Hours

The Florida Public Records Management Online Course has been designed to assist all public agency records custodians, Records Management Liaison Officers (RMLOs), management and staff better understand and meet the legal requirements to comply with the State of Florida Public Records Law.

This series covers many topics including the legal mandates of the Florida's Public Records Law; life cycle of a record; understanding electronic records; managing public records requests; resources for records management; the protection of vital records, and more.


Group Registration:
  • Designate a group analyst from your staff to oversee group member progress.
  • Discounts are available for groups over 20. 

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Session 1

  • Introduction to Records Management
  • Defining Public Records
  • Examples of Public Records
  • Retention: Series and Schedules
  • Calculating Retention
  • Records Disposition

Session 2

  • Introduction to Records Management
  • Public Records Access
  • Records Inventory
  • Records Storage

Session 3

  • Introduction to Records Management
  • Electronic Records
  • Email Management
  • Public Agency Responsibilities
Tim Few & Stephanie Boggs

Government Operations Consultants, Division of Library and Information Services, Florida Department of State.