Finding & Maintaining Focus

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Finding & Maintaining Focus
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  • CGCIO: 2 Hours

There was a time when time management strategies helped us manage our daily workload. These strategies can still be helpful to some degree, but their focus on managing tasks and their underlying assumptions about the nature of our work haven’t kept pace with our current collaborative and technology-based ways of working.

So instead of struggling under time management structures that aren’t helping—or worse, adding to our feelings of inadequacy and frustration because we can’t ever seem to cross items off our to-do lists!—it’s time to shift to a new way of thinking about our work: attention management. Attention management gives us the tools we need to work in an open, collaborative, technology-centric, “always on” environment and stay healthy, sane and grounded.

Attention management helps us add focus, mindfulness, presence and flow to our thoughts and actions. It helps us optimize our mental power by ensuring we take time to recharge as we need to. It helps us prioritize what’s most important and getting the right things done in the right moments.

Join us for this fun and informal webinar and learn six tips to help you become more mindful, more focused, and less stressed!

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Dr. Dena Hurst, PhD

As a project manager with the Florida Institute of Government, Dena has more than 25 years’ experience guiding public service leaders. Dena’s expertise is in capacity building, strategy, process analysis and improvement, and individual coaching. She has developed and delivered customized leadership programs, including leadership certification programs, to governments and NGOs in Florida, nationally, and internationally.

Dena also teaches applied philosophy courses, including philosophy of technology, political philosophy, ethics, and critical thinking. She is a certified philosophical practitioner and am associate editor for the American Philosophical Practitioners Association journal, Philosophical Practice. She has contributed to several philosophy and pop culture books including, Philosophy and PsychPhilosophy and SupernaturalPhilosophy and Jim Henson, and The Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy.

Dena has a bachelor's degree in Economics from Stetson University and a master’s degree and doctorate in Philosophy from Florida State University. Dena is an avid Taoist Tai Chi® practitioner and instructor.