Minimizing Drama at Work

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Minimizing Drama at Work
2.00 Hour(s)
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Individual Course Credit:

  • A certificate with 2 hours of credit will be provided upon completion of the course.
  • IIMC:
    • 1.0 CMC Education Point or 1.0 MMC Advanced Education Point
    • Completion of all learning assignments & assessments are required to receive IIMC credit.
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Our courses may qualify for other continuing education credit based on content and contact hours.  Your certificate of attendance will include hours attended and can be forwarded, along with the course agenda, to your professional association or organization to verify specific requirements.

Amy Brewer

There have been studies estimating that employees spend as much as 2.5 hours per week dealing with workplace drama. Workplace drama is not just public tantrums and emotional outbursts. It is also gossiping, turf protecting, making ego-based choices, and strategically aligning and dividing. Workplace drama affects everyone; it raises office tension levels leading to measurable decreases in morale and productivity. Time spent on drama is time that is not being spent on the work employees are hired to do. And yet, drama is completely avoidable! This workshop session will give you the tools to recognize drama roles, how our actions feed drama, and how we can remove ourselves and coach others out of the drama mindset.


Additional benefits of this training include:

  • Understand power dynamics in everyday interactions.
  • Explore conflict and how it triggers projection and re-enactment.
  • Understand and use the Drama Triangle to see problem situations more clearly.
  • Identify each of the drama roles in real life situations.
  • Recognize how our actions and the actions of others feed the drama roles.
  • Avoid drama using proven techniques.
Photo of Dena Hurst, PhD
Dr. Dena Hurst, PhD

As a project manager with the Florida Institute of Government, Dena has more than 25 years’ experience guiding public service leaders. Dena’s expertise is in capacity building, strategy, process analysis and improvement, and individual coaching. She has developed and delivered customized leadership programs, including leadership certification programs, to governments and NGOs in Florida, nationally, and internationally.

Dena also teaches applied philosophy courses, including philosophy of technology, political philosophy, ethics, and critical thinking. She is a certified philosophical practitioner and am associate editor for the American Philosophical Practitioners Association journal, Philosophical Practice. She has contributed to several philosophy and pop culture books including, Philosophy and Psych, Philosophy and Supernatural, Philosophy and Jim Henson, and The Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy.

Dena has a bachelor's degree in Economics from Stetson University and a master’s degree and doctorate in Philosophy from Florida State University. Dena is an avid Taoist Tai Chi® practitioner and instructor.